Philip Nelson and Distilled Spirits

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Music is part of you, and who you think you are. Music launches you out of that ordinary, day to day life and opens you up, lets your feelings flow. It makes life good. We just may make you happy with our music.

Here is everything going on for Distilled Spirits, Philip, and our house concerts

11/29 Blue Opus Big Band (Philip)

12/1 Andy Sachen / Philip Nelson @ Gardinas (Oshkosh)

12/15 Distilled Spirits @ Chefusion

12/20 Distilled Spirits @ Ledgestone Vineyards (Greenleaf) and it’s Philip’s 60th!

1/11/2019 Distilled Spirits @ Chefusion

3/16/2019 Distilled Spirits @ Chefusion


These were recorded in our basement—one and done. While not CD ready, they are a chance to get a sampling of a few of things we play.

Elvis Presley Blues (Gillian Welch / Grace Potter)

Dear Prudence (Beatles)

Colorado River Song (René Marie)

House concert with Ryanhood

We not only perform the music we love, but we love music in general. We wanted to be a part of the post "Get a record deal" era where very few people can make a living selling CD's anymore. The good news for fans, and honestly for a larger number of musicians, there is that the emphasis for making a living returns to performances. Barbara first heard about house concerts on NPR and, admittedly, it took awhile to convince me about the concept, but convince me she did.

(a sampling….)

Not Dark Yet - Dylan

A Case of You - Joni